HiiT / FiT:

= High/Low interval training to get you FiT and body toned. Workouts includes cardio, core and strength straining with bodyweight and light weights/bands.


  • will rev up your metabolism, tone body for lean muscle, reduce body fat and increase fitness level
  • will challenge your body and shape up quickly with a short exercise time
  • has different levels of intensity to modify for individual’s needs
  • to be done as hard as you can for a fixed period of time. Be prepared to SWEAT!
  • alternates between periods of moderate-to-high intensity exercises with periods of low-intensity exercises, or rest 


The workouts include INTERVAL TRAINING, which are short bursts of alternated high and low intensity training with little rest. The systematic CIRCUIT TRAINING makes it possible to do more exercises in a shorter time to maximise your training time. The categorization and combination of muscles will elevate your METABOLIC RATE, while the Peripheral Heart Action (PHA) technique is used to keep BLOOD CIRCULATING throughout the whole body for the total workout, by alternating the exercises between upper- and lower- body. In between there are some PLYOMETRICS - jump training, and AGILITY - fast movement patterns to improve tone and definition.

Attention is given to CORE strength, as it is the start of every movement; it transfers power between the lower body and upper body, while stabilising the spine for good posture during workout and normal daily routine.

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