To keep yourself moving and being active every day is extremely HEALTHY for a pregnant women and baby. The benefits of exercise during pregnancy is endless . . .it helps eliminate stress, reduce water retention, help you to have a better body image, reduce common pregnancy discomforts and help to cope better with delivery. It also will help with a quicker recovery and return to your best body.

Exercise throughout my pregnancies was a way to love my pregnant body and baby.

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My pregnancy program has been written and shaped over a period of 7 years . . .before falling pregnant I specialised as a Pre- and Post-Natal exercise instructor.

Pregnancy #1 - I physically experience pregnancy exercise and applied my fitness knowledge in writing workouts and training other pregnant woman.

Pregnancy #2 - I wrote a balanced pregnancy program that focuses on the specific muscles relevant for each trimester. I also photographed my exercises for each trimester with my growing belly, to ensure the demonstration of exercises in my workouts are appropriate for pregnant women who want to exercise safely.

Pregnancy #3 – I personally performed and reviewed with the help of clients, all workouts for each trimester to finalize my CMomFit Pregnancy program App.

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Every pregnant woman needs to know how to exercising safely during pregnancy, see article and Diastasis Recti.