Corlia Malan, a mother of three boys, is living her dream of uplifting others   .   .   .  to BELIEVE in yourself and BE the best YOU through a balanced life.

An ACTIVE HEALTHY LIFESTYLE is the natural balance between body and mind through exercise, nutrition and relaxation.

She uses her knowledge from her Diploma in exercise science though Health and Fitness Professional Academy; Personal training; Pilates level 1 & 2; Pilates students tutor; Group fitness; Pre- and Post Natal; Aqua Aerobics; Swimming instructor/coach and Nutrition. This, combined with her experience of over 30 years of being an athlete, enjoying exercising herself and giving hands-on training for people from various countries ove the past, she developed her authentic fitness training style to share with others.

She understands the benefits of a balanced ACTIVE HEALTHY LIFESTYLE, as it has a direct affect on your quality of life now and for your life’s journey.

She is grateful for the resilience of her body and has compassion with her body as she goes through life's phases, after injuries or traumas, having had babies and getting older.

As these changes affect our mind-body, we therefore need to adapt how we exercise and perceive our bodies. You can then move and breathe with awareness and remember the value of listening to your unique body with kindness.


She aims to inspire and motivate each and everyone that crosses her path, to make healthier choices for their bodies and lifestyles, to feel vibrant and thrive in every aspect of theirlife.

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