PELVIC FLOOR  . . . strengthening with Kegel Exercises

Your pelvic floor forms an essential part of the central core muscles and in maintaining your body in the correct posture.

Benefits of a strong pelvic floor:

  • Holds internal organs in place and improves circulation (which improves sexual sensation)
  • Prevents bladder and bowel problems (which leads to embarrassing urinary leaks when sneezing and                 laughing)
  • Prevents poor alignment of hip and sacro-iliac joints (which prevents back pain and poor posture)

How to find your Pelvic Floor muscles:

Pelvic floor muscles are like a hammock which is attached to four corners of an imaginary diamond shape formed by pubic bone at front, sit-bones (ischium) at each side and coccyx at back.

Find your pelvic floor by squeezing and tightening the diamond shape muscles below as if attempting to stop urine flow, then pull those muscles inwards and up, without squeezing inner thighs, buttocks and stomach.

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