Fire away with these workouts on CmomFiT Fitness App, which isbased on a training style that will boost your muscle tone, burn excess fat and get you fitter.

These workouts consist of individual exercises, combined in a way to ensure a natural flow from one to another, to assure a balanced weekly exercise routine with best results. We recommend 3 workouts per week on non-consecutive days (For example Monday – Full Body, Wednesday – Back Body, Friday – Front Body). Workouts are structured in circuits where you complete one set of a combination of exercises/stretches, then repeat the entire circuit one to three more times, depending on your selected intensity level. There are 3 intensity levels to choose from before starting a workout, depending on your fitness level – 1: Easy (20 minutes), 2: Moderate (30 – 40 minutes) and 3: Hard (45 to 60 minutes). Nutrition tips and recipes are also available.

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The Training Style:

The workouts include INTERVAL TRAINING, which are short bursts of alternated high and low intensity training with little rest. The systematic CIRCUIT TRAINING makes it possible to do more exercises in a shorter time to maximise your training time.The categorization and combination of muscles will elevate your METABOLIC RATE, while the Peripheral Heart Action (PHA) technique is used to keep BLOOD CIRCULATING throughout the whole body for the total workout, by alternating the exercises between upper- and lower- body. In between there are some PLYOMETRICS, which is jump training that reduce fat in a short amount of time.

Attention is given to CORE strength, as it is the start of every movement; it transfers power between the lower body and upper body, while stabilizing the spine for good posture during workout and normal daily routine. Also STRETCHING to increase flexibility, to lengthen muscles and get that long, lean look. The RESTING time in-between exercises is well used by listening and watching the next up exercise explanation or while performing a stretch.


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Get your body toned for the beach with these fat-blasting workouts, consisting of full body High-intensity interval training (HIIT). These workouts are for those who want to challenge their bodies and shape up quickly with a short exercise time. Be prepared to sweat, and if performed correctly, it could be quite tough.

EXERCISES should be done as hard as you can for a fixed period of time, with rest in-between each round. There are 3 intensity levels to choose from before starting a workout, depending on your fitness level – 1: Easy (11 minutes), 2: Moderate (15 minutes) and 3: Hard (20 minutes). We recommend 2 workouts of HIIT per week on non-consecutive days (For example Tuesday and Thursday) and training with a buddy can really help you to give it all. After a HIIT workout give your body enough time to rest and recover.

The Training Style: The workouts are based on the same training style of my Tone body, Lose weight and get fit workouts with emphasis on High-intensity interval Training. HIIT alternates between periods of moderate-to-high intensity exercises with periods of low-intensity exercises, or rest. These workouts will rev up your metabolism and reduce body fat, especially around belly.

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