For you to achieve optimal quality of life, it requires awareness and practice to improve and maintain GOOD posture in every activity.

It is possible to create a habit of GOOD posture by doing correctional exercises, like Pilates (which restores muscle balance by strengthening weak muscles and stretching tight muscles) and perform all other type of exercises with good posture. You also need to know how to correctly activate your deep core to be able to perform activities with good posture and protect your body’s support structure against injuries.

BAD Posture contributes to various discomforts, aches and pains, musculoskeletal problems and disabilities.

Posture during PREGNANCY needs to be a focus continuously to minimize discomforts and increased abdominal separation (See Diastasis Recti). Your growing belly will shift your centre of gravity/balance forward and you might compensate by leaning back. Also the normal curve in your spine will become exaggerated, hollowing your back and heavier breasts cause shoulders to round. All these factors cause your posture to change and contribute to muscle imbalances that place strain on your back and other areas of body.


This line represents a standard and can be used as an assessment of your posture to see what the effects force of gravity has on your body.

There is no person with a perfect posture; however this is a guideline to always work towards this ideal alignment of the body. See below the Plumb line test (side View)

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