What isPilates . . .

It is a system of exercise for body conditioning that integrates controlled, flowing, low-impact movements to improve FLEXIBILITY and STRENGTH and includes breathing which stimulates the circulatory system, oxygenating the blood, aiding lymphatic drainage. It emphasize on working all muscles in a balanced way while remaining awareness of body, mind and spirit.

STRETCH tight muscles to give you a long lean look, tone your waist-line and all over body.

STRENGTHEN weak muscles to restore muscle balance engaging Transversus abdominus for a flat belly.

What does Pilates do. . .

It develops a STRONG CORE or centre of the body which is the starting point of movement. The deepest abdominal muscle is the Transversus abdominus (TA) which lies close to the spine and is targeted in all Pilates exercises. The Pilates’ ‘navel to spine’ is when you exhale and stabilize the back by engaging the TA to assist the spine. (See Deep Core)

Focuses on GOOD POSTURE that contributes to the well-being of the individual to correctly perform daily activities and prevent musculoskeletal problems. See Posture.

Pilates reduce stress, could prevent injury, assist with rehabilitation, alleviate pain and discomforts like sciatic nerve, lower back, neck, upper back, shoulder, hip and knee pain, arthritis, osteoporosis and any other muscle or joint pain and therefore also and ideal exercise and postnatal recovery.

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